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Video: Changing the Face of Science By Designing for the Long Haul Big Ideas Fest 2013. This talk explores the question, “How do you design for a program that never ends?”

Video: “Science Seer Chicagoan of the Year Award Interview 2011. Chicago Magazine.

Interview: “American Stories Continuum,” with Mark Larson, 2011.

Biography: Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is an education activist, convener, and nonprofit leader.  Throughout her career she has worked to synthesize community activism and social-justice work with education, championing the belief that educational opportunity can and should be accessible to everyone, especially those to whom it  has historically been closed.

Upon founding Project Exploration, a science education nonprofit organization in 1999, Lyon led the organization’s unique program, fundraising, and earned revenue strategies, establishing it as nationally-recognized model for recruiting and retaining minority youth and girls to science. She created and managed annual programming which reached 250+ minority youth and girls with intensive youth programs, 30 teachers annually with professional development workshops, 40,000 visitors internationally via online expeditions and web initiatives, and 1+ million people with innovative traveling science exhibitions.

In 1994, Lyon was selected as a Fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center, where she worked as a writer and researcher for the education magazine Teaching Tolerance. In 1996, Lyon returned to Chicago to direct the School Change Institute and serve as the Outreach Coordinator at the Small Schools Workshop at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Among other convenings, Lyon co-organized two national conferences on “Science and Technology in Out-of-School Time” in conjunction with the Coalition for Science After School (2008, Chicago; 2010 Los Angeles), and the first “State of STEM in Chicago in Out-of-School Time” conference in 2012.

Lyon’s honors include representing the International Association of Educators for World Peace as a delegate to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, addressing the U.N. Subcommittee on Human Rights on “The Prevention of Racism and the Protection of Minorities,” in 1995 She was recognized as one of “Tomorrow’s Leaders Today” by Public Allies in 1999, one of the Community Renewal Society’s “35 Under 35″ in 2007, and a recipient of The Chicago Community Trust Fellowship in 2009. Under her leadership, Project Exploration received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring in 2009, was named a national model by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology in 2010, and in 2011 was recognized with an “Excellence in Summer Learning Award” from the National Summer Learning Association. In 2011 Chicago Magazine named Lyon a “Chicagoan of the Year.” In 2012 she was named a National After School Champion by the After School Alliance. Lyon serves on the boards of the Coalition for Science After School, the Illinois Girls Collaborative, and Science Makers. She serves as a Senior Advisor to the Clinton Global Initiative America on STEM Education and Co-Chair of the Mayor’s Technology Industry Diversity Council.

Gabrielle Lyon earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history from the University of Chicago in 1996 and received her Ph.D. in curriculum studies from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2010. She received a Certificate in Nonprofit Management in 2011 from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Lyon currently serves as the Vice President for Education and Experience at the Chicago Architecture Foundation.




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