Lyon Strategies, LLC was founded in 2013 as an independent consulting firm that helps organizations, educators, activists, policy makers and philanthropists design initiatives that are powerful, equitable, and effective.

Gabrielle Lyon is the Principal of Lyon Strategies. She has a background in education and organization design with a specific focus on designing programs and spaces that enable participation by populations underserved by traditional design approaches.

For the past two decades she has been involved with…

…helping start-up and growing nonprofit organizations develop mission-driven strategic plans and implement high-caliber programs;

…facilitating the public and private sectors to come together for local conversations and national conferences;

…teaching, writing, and organizing about changing the status quo of educational opportunity for vulnerable students and girls – particularly in science, engineering, and technology;

…researching, evaluating, and designing evaluation and assessment tools;

….creating social learning spaces, including local and traveling exhibitions;

…field-building with a growing network of stakeholders involved with out-of-school time and systemic education reform.


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